Hayley Stobbs is a registered acupuncturist and certified nutritional consultant at Juniper Family Health in Victoria, BC. Hayley has completed eight years of health-oriented education and has several years of real food cooking and holistic nutrition experience including private consultations, personal chef services, cooking classes, and workshops.

Hayley’s personal introduction to healing began at the age of eight years old. Her radical shift in health gifted her with a sense of empowerment which in turn inspired her passion for wellness, vitality, and compassion based care. Hayley has a special interest in women’s health, fertility, PCOS, blood sugar balancing, digestive health, allergies, stress and fatigue, and pain . Please explore her services to see how she may help you.  

Nutritional Consulting
Nutritional consulting is a source of complementary or integrative care; it encompasses the art and science of how nutrition therapy and whole foods cooking can affect one’s unique health state.

Nutritional consultants explore a variety of holistic influences that affect assimilation and absorption of nutrients, such as: eating habits, environment, lifestyle, mental-emotional health, genetic predisposition, digestive health, and present health condition.  

After a comprehensive initial consultation the creation of a customized meal plan is created that suggests the types and amounts of foods that are right for you. Other suggestions such as food preparation tips, self-care strategies, and referrals, may be a part of your overall wellness plan. To find out about her acupuncture services, please visit www.innerpassacu.com (coming soon).

Hayley Stobbs shares general nutrition and health information solely for informational purposes of the reader. The contents displayed are not intended to offer individual medical advise, diagnosis or treatment. Information by the blog author is not a substitute for medical care and if you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider first and foremost.